My Daughter's Memories

I always knew my parents didn't get along. Some of my earliest memories were of my Dad and Mom fighting. Sad, huh? Years later, after they divorced, I still thought my Dad was one of the best people in the world (you know how kids think...)

I thought of him this way even though I had memories of him sniffing cocaine and treating my Mom like dirt. I didn't think of him differently until after my brother and I stayed with him the summer of my 12th birthday.

I guess I was like my brother - I tried to deny it.

Chapter I - The Reunion

"He's here," my Mom yelled.

"He" was my father. He had come to pick my brother and I up for the summer. Boy, was my brother and I excited!

"We're coming," I replied.

We raced up the stairs into our father's arms...