Lord Shiva and his wife, the Goddess Parvati
Twenty-five years ago, I had a dear friend move away. We kept in touch through infrequent letters. A few years went by. She wrote me to say she'd joined the Hare Krishnas. At the time, I was a passionate evangelical Christian, young and naive. I was horrified for her salvation and blissfully ignorant of who the Krishnas were.

The last time I heard from her, I was in living in California and she was downwind of me at a base there just having joined the Army, and was in basic training. Alas, the Army didn't care that I wanted to get in touch when I attempting to find out her mailing address (which she had neglected to provide in her short letter...)

I wonder where Carol is now.

It's sad, but at the same time rather nice, how people come in and out of our lives.