2016 Family Reunion

In anticipation of next year's Fitzpatrick Family Reunion (and associated St. Vincent Town Reunion II), I wanted to post information regarding lodging, etc. so if people need to make reservations, they will have that information well in advance.  I've also included area attractions and historical sites for those that want to explore beyond the reunion itself while in the area...

Family Reunion Info:
(July 15-17, 2016)


Red Roost Hotel (Pembina) - (701)825-6254
Budget Host Caribou Inn (Hallock) - (218)843-3702
Valley Motel (Hallock) - (218)843-2828
Gateway Motel (Hallock) - (218)843-2032


Caribou Bar & Grill (Hallock) - (218)843-3740
North Branch Bowl & Grill (Hallock) - (218)843-8868
Gastrak (Pembina) - (701)825-6275 [NOTE:  Deli/Fast Food only]
Corner Lounge (Pembina) - (701)825-6581
LaMoure Memorial Golf Course (Pembina) - (701)825-6619

Places to Gather

Pembina State Museum (meeting room) - (701)825-6840
Pembina Community Center (meeting room/kitchen) - (701)825-6326

Sites to See

805 ND-59
Pembina, ND

332 E Main St
Lake Bronson, MN

Fort Dufferin (Emerson, west side of the Red River)
Established in 1873 by the North West Mounted Police (later the Royal Canadian Mounted Police), Fort Dufferin was the headquarters and winter home to the British-Canadian contingent of the International Boundary Commission from 1872 to 1874. A few of the buildings that once sat at the site still exist there today (Officer Quarters, stables, etc.)

A monument at the entrance to the site bears two plaques. One plaque, erected in 1997 by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, describes the westward march of the North West Mounted Police. The other plaque commemorates two constables in the force, W. C. Brown and A. McIntosh, who died in 1874 at Fort Dufferin and are buried in unmarked graves near the site.

Travel Manitoba (Information Centre, Emerson)